The Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme

The Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) created by the government is offering £1 billion of grant funding for decarbonising public sector buildings including schools, academies and trusts.

If you’re considering how to improve your energy efficiency or looking to save money on your energy bills, then we urge you to give us a call today to talk through how RSL can help you access this limited funding, as well as provide the installation of improvement projects.

This decarbonisation scheme focuses on energy efficiency and heat decarbonisation projects including:

  • An Air to Water source heat pump to replace gas or oil boilers
  • A Ground Source heat pump to replace gas or oil boilers
  • A connection to a district heating scheme to replace gas or oil boilers
  • Installation of direct electric heating
  • LED lighting, and funding for other energy efficiency measures

Limited deadline
The timeline for submitting an application for funding is very short – with the deadline for most organisations and schools in early January. It’s likely that you’ll need to carry out an audit ahead of this deadline to inform your application, so we encourage you to get in touch quickly to see how we can support your application, including any potential audit and subsequent implementation.

How can RSL help my school?
We know that reducing carbon emissions and saving money on your energy bills are likely to be high on your agenda, but finding the time to think about it can often feel overwhelming. At RSL we make the process as easy as possible – by speaking to us now we can support your grant application and then deliver the proposal once funding is received. We can do all of this at a time to suit you and your students, all in a safe, covid-friendly way.

We anticipate the demand for the government scheme will be greater than the available funds, so for those that are unsuccessful in their bids (or for those that don’t wish to include heat decarbonisation in their plans) our own Green Fund initiative can also provide funding. There’s no upfront cost for this – you’ll pay a monthly maintenance fee for 7 years, the cost of which is guaranteed to be lower than your current monthly energy bills, typically by 30%. This means you’ll receive cost savings from day 1, along with the security of knowing that any repairs or fixes are covered by us.

Why choose RSL?
We’ve completed over 900 energy improvement projects to date, saving over £16 million for our happy clients. Our experience and expertise means we’re very well placed to help you receive funding to implement energy-saving improvements – whether through government funding, or our own initiatives.

Don’t delay. It’s important you speak to us quickly to avoid missing out on this limited funding.

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