Meet The RSL Team

Matt Savill
Managing Director

North London born and bred, Matt (not a Spurs fan) enjoys his time away from work as a scout leader (something to do with toggles and wearing shorts in winter!). Why you’d want to live in a tent when you’re not homeless
baffles us all…

It’s rumoured in the company that he is a closet Morris dancer! Matt has worked in renewables since 2008.

Kayleigh Peachey
Commercial Director

Being able to “talk under water” naturally led Kayleigh into telephone marketing.

Thankfully the company has an “unlimited” calls package!

Martin Tye

Over 30 years experience working within the education and commercial market places.

Born in Liverpool and an ardent Liverpool FC supporter… for his sins!

Karl Peachey
Project Manager

Our very own superhero…. works all hours to deliver what mere mortals struggle with. Recently married, Karl loves dogs.

Lindsey Brown
Regional Sales Manager – North East